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Thread: Heavy Company | KFLL-MBPV

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    Heavy Company | KFLL-MBPV

    The other day I was heading out of KFLL down to MBPV for a beautiful flight down the chain of islands in what turned out to be a wonderful day for flying. After climbing out of KFLL on the FLL1 SID heading toward BEECH, I heard another flight getting airborne out of KMIA with a November call sign but did know what equipment they were flying but did not pay it much attention as I thought I would be well ahead of it.

    After crossing Bimini and heading down A555, I noticed that the the November call sign was starting to catch up to me. Upon reaching my cruising altitude of FL330, it was just a scant 5 miles behind me and also flying down A555. A few miles later, this is what I saw crossing over me at FL350:

    A B747-400 going from KMIA-TJSJ

    We had a brief chat and by the time I was starting descent into MBPV, the 747 had disappeared from view in front of me.

    A little bit of heavy company for my run down A555.

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    Very nice Tim, great experience
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