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Thread: Welcome to the patches and updates forum

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    Post Welcome to the patches and updates forum

    In this forum you will find the latest patches and updates for the sceneries of LatinVFR.

    Though we normally will contact all costumers on the updates via email, you can also check through here regarding the most recent updates.

    If you have issues or problems with your sceneries please use the "costumer feedback" forum.


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    Will you be creating patch or update that can make all your airport sceneries compatible with FSX for any user who does not want to use SP1 and SP2 for sake of not losing all freeware FS2004 airport sceneries or aircraft add-ons that work well in FSX??

    Although I am very happy with Caribbean Seaplanes' MWCR scenery, I am expressing interest on your few South and Central American airports particularly Costa Rica's MROC.

    Also, your interest to do Bermuda airport scenery got my interest too.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.


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