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Thread: Flying online / Company Handbook!

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    Flying online / Company Handbook!

    Here is just one clip from our new handbook which will be released in the coming weeks. This will give all new pilots to the network a jumpstart on exactly what to say, when to say it, and what to expect as a response.

    Excerpt 1.

    The initial interaction with ATC:

    This must be;



    To the point.

    Your initial contact with ATC must include your callsign and preferably your intentions as well. First things first, let us do a voice check. For your introductory flight, you will be Cayman 555, log on to the Vatsim network as CAY555.

    Initial contact to ATC should be something along these lines;

    “ATC Position, Good Day/Good Evening/ Good Afternoon/ Good Morning, this is Cayman555, requesting a radio check please.”

    The response from the position should be similar to the following;

    “Cayman555, ATC Position, Good Day/Good Evening/ Good Afternoon/ Good Morning, read you 5 by 5.”

    Your appropriate response will be;

    “Rgr, Thank-You, Cayman 555.”
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