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Thread: Latin VFR MKJP Kingston released!

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    Post Latin VFR MKJP Kingston released!

    Package highlights:

    * The most accurate and impressive rendition of Kingston’s, Norman Manley (MKJP, KIN), ever released.
    * Airport buildings and terminals completely designed with the most accurate attention to detail.
    * Animated wildlife including birds, dolphins and more. (FSX only)
    * New 3D grass techniques to bring the airport environment to life.
    * All airport surroundings completely modeled accurately.
    * Hundreds of hand placed auto-generated scenery for all of the photo-scenery area.
    * Photo realistic ground textures for the area of downtown Kingston and Port Royal.
    * Photo-realistic textures on the buildings.
    * Excellent night effects.
    * Fully AI compatible, with their respective AFCAD for FS2004 and FSX.
    * Excellent frame rates.
    * Numerous static objects, pushback trucks, stairs, containers, etc.
    * Custom vehicle traffic and animations.
    * Countless ships in Kingston Harbour, numerous airport vehicles.
    * Tinsen Pen aerodrome (MKTP) costumized, and correctly placed.
    * Mesh for the entire island of Jamaica
    * Land class for the region of Kingston

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    CAY408- Ralph Guest
    Got my copy early this morning,
    Excellent work once again. The terminals look great!

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    Congratulations Ricardo, stellar work.
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    Your work continues to amaze me Ricardo! Im glad my 20 bucks is going towards some more fantastic work by you!

    Take the Xmas break a little easy but come back soon with more great stuff we can grab up!
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    drjaguila Guest



    is good the AFCAD in MKJP? The ILS RWY12?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drjaguila View Post

    is good the AFCAD in MKJP? The ILS RWY12?

    Yes, we included the ILS rwy12 for FS2004 for FSX it was already there. Keep in mind that the ILS is an "offset" ILS (as it says in the charts) which means its not located exactly in the runway but a few steps from the runway.

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    drjaguila Guest

    Thanks Ricardo

    rgr, thanks

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