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Thread: ILS 12 at MKJP

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    ILS 12 at MKJP

    Some users have asked why is there a problem with the ILS at MKJP. Well there isn't, the thing with the ILS 12 at MKJP is that is an 'offset' ILS, the antennas are outside of the runway, that is why you get a different course when on the approach.

    The charts show that exact thing.



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    As Ricardo said, on the chart as seen below:

    It clearly states "Offset Loc" -

    What: In short, an LDA is an ILS that is not aligned with a runway, although it may or may not have a glideslope.

    Why: There are a few reasons why. A major one being terrain/obstructions on or near the extended centerline of the runway. Another one is the location of the transmitter - I've seen an LDA which appeared to be transmitted from an onfield VOR.

    How: They're flown exactly like an ILS or Localizer for the most part. Any more detailed differences would be an a case by case basis.

    The ILS for 12 is offset due to terrain out on the extended centerline, how this is depicted in the scenery is identical to how the approach is in the real world. The ILS is not meant for autolandings, far from it, it is simply to be used to track until you break out of the clouds and then have a visual on the airport envinroment, at that point in time you will land manually with a very little turn to touchdown.

    If the LDA is aligned within 30 degrees of the runway it is still considered to be a "straight-in" landing. This means that when the pilot breaks out of the clouds/has the runway environment in sight, only a small amount of turning is needed to align the aircraft with the runway. If the LDA is more than 30 degrees off the runway, it is considered a "circling" landing. This means that more pronounced turns (or even a traffic pattern) are needed to align the aircraft before landing on the runway.
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    Very good stuff here!

    It should also be known then that this isnt an Autoland ILS! So for those trying to do it, good luck!

    This will just be rated to most likely CAT I. Infact by looking at the full chart, it is definately just CAT I as the MAP (missed approach point) is 1.7km out from the threshold!
    Its just used then for the initial guidance in bad weather and also then to keep planes from hitting any scenery!
    So like i have said before, dont expect no Autolands for those who do them!
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    It took me a trip or two down that ILS to realize it was a real world variance and not an FSX error. The ILS for Aspen, Colorado is similiarly offset.

    The funny thing is that if you start throwing back some jack and cokes, the thing straightens right out.
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    marrydavidson101 Guest
    thanks for sharing this all

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