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Thread: Online Activation System | Please Read!

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    Online Activation System | Please Read!

    Here at Latin VFR we have worked into making quality scenery for Latin America in FS. Unfortunately some people have made it a habit pirating our work. And is also impossible to stop pirating itself.

    Thus, we have come up with a system that would require the users installing to verify online their email and serial code. All honest users won't have any issues with this, if for some reason a serial code is distributed in the web (we can verify this by simply doing a google search) we would disable the serial and the users won't be able to install any more even if the one who purchased it contacts us, because they have violated the terms of copyright. All users who purchase the scenery are entitled to install the scenery as much as they need, perhaps in 2 computers or 3, but if we see an abuse of different IP addresses in different regions of where the address of the customer is, we would have to disable it immediately, because our work is not shareware.

    And if for some reason a user decides to distribute the scenery folder on which the scenery is installed, its not going to work. Because we have devised a way in which other files would be necesary for the scenery to work well.

    This online verification system is starting with SCEL, and from now on all sceneries by LatinVFR will have this. So if you pirated in the past, you already had a lot of fun with our work, and now you will have to pay.

    This system is not exclusive of LatinVFR, FSDT, Orbx, Flight one and others employ this for the same reason.

    any questions feel free to contact us!
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    I am saddened that people feel the need to pirate products, taking potential profit away from those who have worked so hard for it is simply not right, their is not way to justify piracy.

    I am very pleased that you have taken this step Ricardo, the process may be somewhat more tedious than before, but at least now we will have some peace of mind that those using your sceneries are those who have made a legitimate purchase. I don't think their is a single doubt that the scenery is worth the asking price, as you said, for those that pirated in the past, they had a good run, they had their fun, now it is time to pay just like everybody else.
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    I will like to speak about some doubts people may have with this system.

    Some people have voiced concerns of what may happen if Latin VFR shuts down and our web page is out for ever and this system no longer works and they may be unable to re-install their scenery.

    Well, LatinVFR would be here for good amount of time, and many many years to come. But if we were to shut down, we would never let the customer have this issue, we would permit them to have installers without this system so that they could download as an alternate system if in case this happens. But since thanks to many people who wants us in this business we don't see anytime the closure of Latin VFR.

    And in any case, purchasing one of our products entitle you for support for ever, thus we would never close and leave you.

    hope it helps!

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