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Thread: LatinVFR | Vote for your favourite!

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    LatinVFR | Vote for your favourite!

    Good Day Everyone,

    We are always very interested in your opinions as our customers, your feedback is very valuable to us, especially in helping us improve for our future sceneries. Please take the time to vote for your favourite scenery by us, and then explain in a post why you chose the scenery you did.

    Thank-you in advance for your feedback.
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    I picked MHTG, because of the fantastic scenery and approach. I would have picked Sucre but I haven't bought it.

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    Santiago for me. Its just a fantastic job!

    However, its very tricky! They are all really great!
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    I like Kingston cause of the space and how the terminal and jetways look like

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    CAY505- Tayvis Guest
    Well, Have mercy

    PIARCO all the way

    The ground textures, lights, jetways, and the runway all are a very good replica of TTPP.

    Well Done.

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    HAHA MWCR .! I like how they did the Airport. I've only seen the Previews on the site. I'm supposed to get mine this Afternoon and I'm quite sure it will be wonderful.

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    cmpbllsjc Guest
    I voted for MHTG since that is the only one I own so far. However, if I didn't already own another version of SBGR I would probably vote for it and I still might end up buying the LatinVFR version of SBGR.

    Still patiently waiting for MSLP-Comalapa in San Salvador

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    Thralni Guest
    I chose Sucre: it is the funnest airport of the lot and I love the surrounding photoscenery. It really is a terribly fun airport and for the money spent it's a very good deal!

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    Keep those vote coming! we have more than 16 customers, so I am sure we shall keep hearing the feedback. So far in a year we have had thousands of sales with all of these products and they have been most of them pretty successful (with the exception of San Andres and Providencia) , nonetheless we want to know what you folks make of them!

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    Silverbird Guest
    Hi I voted for MROC Costa Rica, I really like that airport the buildings and the way its all set up. I don't own the others yet. but I would have picked scel as other favorite. its kind strange but there are some airports I will not buy due to the construction and the way they designed the airport. thats usually the case with airports that I have never been too so they dont have any memories tied to it.

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