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Thread: FlyCay Exclusive Downloads

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    CAY556- Andy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CAY253- Guy View Post
    Hi Andy,

    If you are trying to download the Flight-1 ATR paint then that seems to be working fine...
    Am trying to download the actual ATR. Will go and find it on the flight sim website. You wouldn't by chance have a link to the file.


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    Yup, here it is: this is for the freeware ISDT ATR-72

    You quoted me in the bit about the Flight-1 ATR, that is payware and you can't just go and download it, you have to pay for it first! The livery however is available on the first page of this thread and is free.

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    CAY556- Andy Guest
    Thanks a mil. Got what I was looking for.


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    The PIC 737-300 paint has been updated, the link was broken for quite some time, my mistake.

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