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Thread: Vatsim Callsign

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    CAY1045- David Guest

    Vatsim Callsign

    Hi, new pilot here for FlyCay !

    I enjoy flying on VATSIM and wonder if it's required by the company that i use the flight number as call sign on Vatsim (as in real life) or if i should use my CAY1045 callsign.

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    Hi There David, welcome aboard.

    Flightnumbers we like to say are at your own descretion, whether you wish to fly with your assigned ID, or the VAFS specified ID, or perhaps some other ID, no problem. We do however ask that during events you fly with your unique ID, obviously we wish to eliminate duplicates.

    Take care bud, see you in the skies and hopefully on TS soon! santa
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    Welcome to Flycay david hope you enjoy it here

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    CAY1045- David Guest
    Thank you very much for the welcome.

    I'll fly with the CAY1045 callsign then, it's going to be simpler for me !
    See ya in the skies soon !

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