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Thread: Newbie Questions

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    Newbie Questions

    Would this be the correct flight prep procedure?
    1. Choose route to fly.
    2. Begin plan in RouteFinder (
    3. Finalize plan in SimRoutes (
    4. File plan with VATSIM
    5. Start MFS - import Flight plan, position at Gate
    6. Start VAF
    7. Start SquakBox

    As a new pilot, do I have to fly with VATSIM, or can I just use VAF until I am more comfortable?

    If I do skip VATSIM, can't I just plan my own approach with the MSF flight planner?

    I want to learn all the advanced stuff, but can I just get started flying routes without it now?


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    It's not a requirement to fly on Vatsim but it's recommended. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve but it just takes practice and you'll get the hang of it. I've been flying on Vatsim since February and haven't turned back since. What I usually do is I look for a route from Put into my fmc then paste the route into the route section on squawk box and off I go.

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    Your flight procedure there looks perfect to me. As Moses said, Vatsim is not a requirement, we just require a Vatsim ID for all applicants. However, I should stress that Vatsim is well worth the headache, once you learn the ropes you will never, ever turn back to flying offline.

    If you ever need any assistance with flying online, feel free to join our Teamspeak sometime, I believe everybody who connects can help you get started on the network, or of course you can post here and receive some help.

    Take care, welcome aboard and see you soon!

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    The way I learned the VATSIM "ropes" was to hop in teamspeak and ask who was gonna fly here or there and could they give me a hand. After a few flights with my cayman v.a. buddies I was up and running.

    Thusly, come on teamspeak and hook up with one of us and we can take you through it real time. After a couple flights, you'll be a champ. Truthfully, once you fly on VATSIM you will wonder "why?" you ever flew off-line.

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