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Thread: Guatemala "La Aurora" released

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    Quote Originally Posted by regueiro View Post
    fsx, no problems with any of your sceneries.
    Hi Regueiro,

    Send me a screenshot at:

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    la Coruña-Spain

    sinks at guatemala


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    Quote Originally Posted by regueiro View Post

    we identified the issue and in a few minutes I will make public a patch.

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    Here is a patch correcting elevation problems at MGGT only for FSX, this is a required patch for ALL users.

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    Im also having problems with the installer got it this morning but it wont work .


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    I replied to you via email.

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    Thanks Ricardo downloading now


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    Hello Ricardo can you help?

    Hey Ricardo!

    I purchased MGGT earlier this morning via Simmarket and I am also experiencing the installation issues. I sent an e-mail to the LVFR support e-mail explaining the problem but it has been several hours and no replies. Can you help?

    My e-mail is


    Dennis D. Mullert

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    Hi Dennis, everything working fine, try again.

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    I am also using FS9 and I don't have any problem with the runway, maybe you have mesh terrain from Guatemala that could be having some conflicts.


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