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Thread: How to use multiplayer in fs2004 Squawk Box

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    Question How to use multiplayer in fs2004 Squawk Box

    Yello Guys

    A little help here, is there a possible way which can enable you to fly on squawk box and get hours sharing your aircraft with other CAY Pilots? Cause I think it would be really neat to fly with someone else online and when your not there they can control the plane for you and you can take turns..

    Just a suggestion
    Captain Brooks (CAY1010)
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    Not sure but it would be a great resource for pilot training too, or perhaps for a checkride for new pilots?

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    Hmmm Nathan, I once tried this with the Wilco 733, but unfortunately it didn't turn out too well. I believe the pilot who was in command was Jeremy so if you want some extra advice on this ask him. Another thing is that, with these payware a/c, the controls aren't entirely linked. (I don't know how else to put it) but it seem that if you was flying with someone else there controls would override yours if not the other way around.

    Anyways, i'll look into this for you a little later,
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