There have been many recent reviews by people in the simmarket page. All the reviews speak very positively about the scenery none are bad, but there is something regarding the reviews that I must tackle and resolve and that is the issue of frame rates. We have no issue if you don't like the scenery or if you were dissapointed (there isn't any till the moment I write this that say that) but if you have frame rate issues contact us.

I was shocked to hear that SLSU (Sucre) is causing frame rate issues. That's amazing, it is one of the most lightest sceneries we have ever released, and there is absolutely no reason why in a scenery such as that one there would be frame rate problems, and not so much on the rest (apart from the big Latin hubs released in the past). Certainly there has got to be an issue there that we can resolve. So please email us and we can help you out. No way absolutely that we release scenery with performance problems. All are according to customers and beta testers fluid and frame rate friendly depending the system but most systems.

Let us know with your order number at: