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Thread: LatinVFR announces Key West Island and San Juan Puerto Rico TJSJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcpilot View Post
    i purchased this product and have no way to find it for downloading.


    I believe your order was added, can you check your spam folders to see if you dont have an email called "LatinVFR order"?

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    Key West purchase

    Thanks for the quick response Ricardo.

    I got your message with the purchase information on the Forum.

    I had my Spam blocked, no mail got through. I now have it unblocked if that was the problem.

    Where do I download it from? Is it Simflight, If so I logged in and no record of the purchase. so I could not download it.

    They sent me a Trouble Ticket notice and when i click on it there is no mention of what it's for or why.

    It has no record of my purchase listed in my account.



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    Quote Originally Posted by CAY1010- Nathan View Post
    Hey Ricardo here are some other airports you should do as well: MHLC, MBPV, TNCA and TNCB those are some nice airport from my point of view and with you magic wand and the team you guys would do a good job
    It would be nice! If an airport can not sell it alone think about selling a package!

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    great product looks like the real thing. Great job David Hawley
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