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Thread: FlyCay Forum Account Instructions

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    FlyCay Forum Account Instructions

    Hello! Follow these steps to successfully create your forum account!

    Visit our forum registration page available here.

    Follow our steps below carefully.

    1.Your user name NEEDS to be your CAY ID, which is in your acceptance email (ex. CAY9999- Bill) Same format as well, look at my username in this post to see how a pro does it.

    2. Password: Feel free to use any password that you desire here, just remember it!

    3. All other options are your choice

    To add an avatar to your forum account here is a link to our avatars and how to add them:!

    Here is a link on how to add your VAFS signature:!

    That is all! The very best of luck to you, if you need any further assistance regarding creating a forum account, feel free to send an email to or submit a contact form through our main website.

    Moses Velasquez
    CaribCay Airlines Director | Admissions Officer | Straight Baller
    Cayman Airways Virtual
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