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Thread: FSX Config Tweaks

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    FSX Config Tweaks

    All tweaks are done at your own risk! Tweaks tested with SP1 and SP2, FSX Deluxe.
    Ensure that you backup your FSX.cfg file prior to performing any of these tweaks to your system.

    The FSX.cfg file is located in \Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\ and you can open it with Notepad. It's always a good idea to backup files before altering. BTW - don't forget to save the changes you made before closing Notepad.

    If you add these two lines to the [TERRAIN] section of your FSX.CFG, you can define the max number of objects in a terrain cell for trees and buildings independently. The slider will scale down from the numbers you set as the slider is moved to the left. The max tree value in FSX as released is coded to default to 4500 and the building default is 3000 (as shown below) and the absolute max FSX will recognize at all is 6000. Of course if you raise the values beyond the defaults, you will obviously be increasing density and lowering fps (so don't complain if you do this...). The point in sharing this information is that with these settings you can specify what the values are yourself. I had to edit this post because of a bug. Be sure not to set either number to 0 as that will cause problems, but setting it to a very lower number will give you nearly 0 objects.



    For faster texture loading you might be able to change the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT to a higher value. For example:



    You might add :


    This variable determines the amount of CPU time given to loading scenery data as a fraction of the time spent rendering. For example, the default value of 0.33 means that for every 3 milliseconds spent rendering, FS will give 1 millisecond to the scenery loader. If necessary, you can use a larger value to devote more time to loading. Or, if you don't have a problem with the blurries and you want slightly higher frame rates, then you can use a smaller value.


    To turn off the red warning text messages, change these lines in FSX.cfg and change True to False





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