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Thread: LatinVFR KMIA Officially RELEASED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Santoro View Post
    Sorry Ricardo. I meant Mega Scenery Earth not Mega Scenery X.
    All right but your photo scenery is great. I don't want to delete it. No problem if I have to use it over the other's as long as there are no issues regarding compatibility.
    I'm asking you because I'm considering to purchase a photo scenery for Miami area. I don't like the default scenery.
    Hi Daniel,

    I would highly commend you to buy UT USA and GEX USA because it looks even better than a simply and flat photoscenery, especially when you flying low or you are on approach into KMIA. Photoscenery starts looking really nice above 3000 ft AGL.
    ... and always happy landings!


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    You never dissapoint your fans!. Thanks Ricardo. Happy Holidays!

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    KMIA Miami International upgraded to 1.1

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    I just wanted to say, "Thank You!" for the update. Great job, all around. The photo scenery now blends in MUCH better with the default scenery, making the transition much more natural and not as stark. Although I agree with you that the sun bleached runways are more true to life (I never had a problem with it), the new, slightly darker rendition does look good as well. Thanks again for your continued product support and in making your KMIA even better!

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