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Thread: My Return

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    My Return

    Ladies and Gents,
    I'm CAY1273, Shane Reilly. A lot of the pilots here know me. But to those who don't:

    I used to be one of FlyCay's fortunate staff members, who so faithfully served as the Deputy Director of Admissions and an Events Coordinator for a period of time.

    Unfortunately, I strayed from FlyCay, a decision I regretfully made. I tried to find other VA's to be a part of. But all in all it led to my downfall as a FlyCay Staff Member and even a FS Pilot in general.

    After a five month hiatus from the FS world in general, and a re-evaluation of my goals as a pilot, I'm back. Not as a staff member, but as a pilot in one of the best VA's in the FS World. And, it's apparent to me that I'm here to stay.

    After all, we all are human. And it's simple: I love to fly. Especially for a great VA that's here to stay.


    CAY1273- Shane Reilly.

    Oh, and one more thing:
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    Welcome back Spreilly! Just letting you know it's only me in the Events Division and If you're willing and you have the time, we could use your help there.
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    HAHA like the meme! Welcome back Shane!
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    Looks who's back back, back again gain, spreilly's back back, tell a friend

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    Welcome back Professor.
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