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Thread: Unable to Install Update

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    Unable to Install Update


    I purchased KMIA from and due to a major hard drive failure I have had to completely reinstall all my flight simulatorr stuff. On Simmarket there are two files for me to download for KMIA for the fs9 version I am trying to install: installs fine no issues

    LatinVFR_KMIA_FS9_patch1.1. will not install even tho i'm using the same registration details as the initial install.

    Says registration details are incorrect even the reg i'm using is exactly the same as the one I used for the main installer.

    Can you help me with this so that I may install the patch. If you need any further details let me know.

    Regards and thanks in advance

    Jason Shephard

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    its quite odd that you can't install the patch. nonetheless the that you managed to install correctly is 1.1 so its not needed to install patch 1.1. Because what we did is when we released the patch was that we also updated the installer and released a smaller file patch. So you are not missing anything at this point.

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