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Thread: cayman aircraft for X plane

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    cayman aircraft for X plane


    My name is Brandt one of the newbies around here, I was wondering are any of Cayman's Fleet compatable with xplane?

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    CAY505- Tayvis Guest

    Welcome on board!
    I have seen your contact us card you've sent through the website.

    I am not able to answer your question, but I have forwarded it to the CEO, hopefully, he will be able to give you some information on
    your question.

    Best Regards,

    Tayvis Walters.

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    Thank you Tayvis

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    Paints for xplane aircraft

    Ok, i have googled all the makers of the caymen fleet and none of them are for xplane. So i was wondering if someone here at caymen would make paints for some of the aircraft i have? Mainly 737's and a B1900. If anyone could take up this task then cayman airlines has opened the door for more xplane users. Please let me know



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    Hi there Brandt,

    Welcome to Cayman Virtual! I will look into painting for X-Plane, but have absolutely no experience with it at all, paintkits, aircraft etc. so it may be a tedious process. Have a word with another pilot here, Gareth Scott, run a search through the forums. I believe that he made the switch to X-Plane and he will hopefully be able to help you out.

    Take care,

    FlyCay CEO: Jonathan Schutte - Contact:

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    Thank you Jon!

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    xplane aircraft

    Hi gents,

    i dont want to be a thorn in anyones side but is there any way we could get atleast two aircraft downloadable from Cay's website for xplane users? Maybe a 737 or a MD 82 ? i have both complete files if anyone could take the task of painting them and or loading them onto Caymans down load page!

    Thanks for any help


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