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Thread: What a flight!

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    What a flight!


    My flight from Grand Cayman to Chicago O'hare was going along just peachy last evening when on descent to my IAF for the selected STAR, Chicago Center came online. I checked in with him, no problem. As I was on the descent, the autopilot failed in the NGX and I had to grab the ole yoke and start hand flying the STAR. While flipping from screen to screen to figure out what happened to the autopilot, Center asked me if I could accept a new STAR. I said, "Sure," and got my FMC reconfigured while still having to hand fly. Then he comes on and asks if I can accept clearance direct to the IAF for the ILS 28, I said, "Sure," and got that in there. "Help me Jesus." Now, my fingers are a flying and I'm still hand flying. Finally, I selected the backup autopilot and she works, ahh problem solved. Only then, while on final approach about 2 miles out the controller asks, "Do you have the new metar report?" To which I respond, "Mine is about 15 min old." He states, "winds at O'hare now 270 at 17 gusts to 35." Well, ActiveSky must have been doing one of it's frequent updates because I have a windswitch at about 1000ft and now instead of 135kts, I'm doing 165kts and am gaining some altitude. Cut the throttles, put the velocity vector back on the glide slope and touched her down, "power off for the last mile," at -29. The controller asked which gate I wanted and I answered, "The one closest to the bar!"

    My point is, I was half a nervous wreck and on the edge of my chair for the last 20 minutes of that flight, then, all at once, after landing, I realized I was in my office at home and not really behind the controls of a real aircraft. That boyz is the beauty, I think, about our flight simming.

    Blue skies.
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    Good read Ken!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CAY102- Jon View Post
    LOL wow Jon!

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    Ken for that report.

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