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Thread: KSAN [San Diego International Airport] Preview 7

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    KSAN [San Diego International Airport] Preview 7

    Happy New Year everyone! A few more previews to show that we are still hard at work in San Diego!

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    Thanks Jon for posting these screens.

    As you can see we spent a very busy December, and January will also be as busier as we hope (hope) to have it completed by the end of the month and for now it looks as a healthy bet.

    Some things like ground photo still need some work, you still can see an area that was demolished years ago still present there, but it won't be for release as we are still working on this. Is still WIP.


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    I am among many awaiting this release. Need I say that there is not a high caliber KSAN add-on currently in the market place (ie, many have tried, none have succeeded). San Diego is a good choice for LatinVFR to devote its efforts. (1st or 2nd busiest one runway airport in the word with what I would say are dynamic land and water features in close proximity to KSAN).

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