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Thread: V00028/13 - Staff of The Year Nominations!

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    V00028/13 - Staff of The Year Nominations!

    Salutations Airmen,

    As we all know, Christmas is around the corner, so this means the year is coming to a close.
    This year is the second year we will be having our first ever Employee of the year!

    The objective of the program is to recognize staff members who have demonstrated and contributed to the improvement of the quality and performance of Cayman Airways Virtual.
    The Employee of the Year nomination process is open specifically to employees that are currently employed within this Virtual Airline.
    In addition to the established criteria, your nominee should exemplify the standards and core values that the Chief Executive Officer & The Director of Admissions has set for each individual staff member.

    The aim is to recognize those employees who have made significant contributions in areas related to the improvement of operation and customer satisfaction. The recognition program will be managed with the support and administration of the Admissions Office.
    Recognition is aimed to acknowledge those contributions that are beyond the normal job expectations and are consistent with the established core criteria.

    On Tuesday, December 31, 2013 the Employee of the Year will be announced on the public vCayman Airways forum respectively. This award is an important recognition of the contributions that this individual has made for the betterment of the quality and the advancement of vCayman Airways Ltd.


    Selection Committee

    The Selection Committee will consist of the following: Pilot Community (who will submit their nominations) , The Chief Executive Officer , The Director of Admissions , Director of Events & The CaribCay Regional Director.


    All employees are eligible to participate in the employee recognition program by having their names placed in nomination and voted upon by the Selection Committee.
    Employee must have at least one year of continuous employment with the vAirline.
    Employees will be selected based on the following established criteria.


    Employee conducts himself in a manner consistent with the values and goals of the
    Airline. Employee demonstrates an above average knowledge of their job responsibilities and delivers a high quality job performance and services.


    Employee consistently uses a systematic approach to accomplishing his/her responsibilities, taking care to minimize errors. Employee acknowledges and takes pride in ownership of the day-to-day processes for which he/she is responsible and utilizes initiative where necessary to meet overall goals.


    Employee consistently demonstrates the spirit of teamwork by offering support to fellow employees whenever a need arises for a collective effort in accomplishing a task or goal. Employee takes a positive approach in interacting with fellow employees.

    To nominate an employee for Employee of The Year, please fill out this form found here.


    Using this form

    Best Regards,

    Tayvis Walters
    Director of Admissions
    Chief Pilot Relations Officer
    Admissions Department
    Pilot Relations
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