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Thread: TBPB - TNCM , TNCM - KMIA First time flying caribcay

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    TBPB - TNCM , TNCM - KMIA First time flying caribcay

    First screenshot uploads unedited as i dont have editing software

    Done a few caribcay flights over the last few days quite enjoying them as ive been solely Eurocay and Cayman in the past , aim to explore more of caribcay and Americay especially since ive got my hands on some american and Caribbean scenery.

    First leg was TBPB - TNCM 737-800

    Arrival in TNCM Sorry i didnt take some in flight screens i was just messing around with screenshots and didnt plan on taking a full set and actually uploading but i thought what the heck ill upload what ive got.

    Taxi for takeoff to KMIA

    During the Sid

    view over at TNCM

    and unfortunately that's all the screens i took , there was an interesting landing at KMIA as my fmc decided to play up and although to my knowledge was programmed correctly it was not activating the ILS correctly and was not following the glide path i must have made a mistake somewhere as it has functioned perfectly on the NGX almost every time for me , the weather was quite poor as well chucking rain and lightning and a bit windy , i ended up disengaging the autopilot when the runway was in sight and flying a visual landing manually not ideal in the poor visibility , but i made a nice landing nonetheless.

    Enjoying these caribcay routes at about 1.5 -2 hour flights , aiming to do some Americay Flights today with the NGX and possibly the 757 if i get some times but im quite inexperienced with that aircraft as of late as i have never flown it in a long time.

    Anyway thanks for looking

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    Very nice Scott, good to have you back with us. Also enjoyed the details of the Miami arrival- keep it up!
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    Good Stuff, can't wait to see the ACAY ones

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    Nice shots indeed!
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