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AFCAD in V2.2
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Thread: AFCAD in V2.2

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    AFCAD in V2.2

    I do not have runways 8L/R and 26 L/R showing up on the runway selection when I run Radar Contact. It worked in previous version. Any assistance is appreciated.

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    does the runway appear on the atis or in the GO TO AIRPORT section?

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    I looked at available runways in the GO TO AIRPORT and see 9-27, 8R-26L, 8L-26R, and 12-30. The available runways in Radar Contact are 12, 30, 9L/R, and 27L/R.

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    I looked at the runway log for Radar Contact and found out the runway info is coming from AP926220.BGL.

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    That's because its the default KMIA which at the time of FS release did not inlude those runways. that file you mention is a default airport file. Radar contact should recognize our afcads which contain those new runways. I suggest you ask them to see why is that problem.

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    I resolved the problem. I reinstalled the Miami scenery and recompiled the airports in Radar Contact. Correct runways are showing.

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