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If all of you are well knowledgeable about commercial aviation industry in the world particularly in Caribbean area, all of you would recall Eastern airline that was one of the great airlines in America with many routes to many Caribbean islands.

Beginning this week, Eastern airline has returned to business for first time since 1981 and is having regular twice a week route between Miami and Havana!!!!

According to commercial aviation industry news, present day real life Eastern airline has signed contract with a Miami based Cuban travel agency HavanaAir Charters for flights from Miami to Cuba. Eastern will operate twice daily service to Havana and weekly service to Camaguey and Santa Clara starting this week.

Additionally, Eastern will support HavanaAirís existing operations to Cuba with some 65 flights monthly plus future flights from Cuba to anywhere in America.

Info can be found on this hyperlink:

Last time Eastern flew to Cuba was in late 1950s with regular DC-7B service between Havana and Miami!!!!

QUICK QUESTION for any of you expert in Cuban airports: is it hard or totally impossible to take airport spotting photography at Havana airport? There are many photos and videos of Eastern plane at KMIA leaving for Cuba and returning from Cuba but NOT a single photo or video of Eastern plane arriving at Havana or leaving Havana.