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Thread: LatinVFR summer 2015 announcements... new projects

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    LatinVFR summer 2015 announcements... new projects

    Hello folks,
    we thank you very much for the support on KRSW airport it has been outstanding. thank you all, we have a lot of new plans and things we wish to share.

    First of, we are working on making Key West version 2, it will be for FSX, P3d v2. This will be a much overhauled version and with a lot of new features. All of this will be with a minimal cost for previous customers. Those who have recently bought KEYW will get the version 2 for free.

    Also, KMIA will get an update, we will be fixing the ground, replacing some buildings, adding some new animations and bringing it to newer levels. We will provide this update free of charge to all customers.

    As for the new projects, as we stated we will be working on KPBI Palm Beach, but we are doing also another project, far from Florida or California. KRDU, Raleigh-Durham Int'l.
    Its very modern facilities and sorroundings makes it a very interesting and beautiful project for us. Expect release later this year, and KPBI following that.

    Thanks again!
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    Raleigh-Durham, Awesome!!!

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    OOhhh!!! Thankk for these great news Ricardo! I'll follow yours new projects with a lot of interest!
    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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    Hey Ricardo

    Raleigh Durham will be very cool! Great airport!! Looking forward to this.


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    Thank you all for the support!

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    That is an awesome line up. Can't wait for the updates and new airports.


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    Looking forward to all the new airports and updates -- I was really impressed with the KRSW release this past month. I think I suggested KRDU on this forum not too long ago, so I'm definitely excited for that.

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    V.C Bird airport would be nice, it has now new terminal.

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    This is the best announcement! I've been waiting forever for an RDU scenery as it is my home airport! I can't wait!
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    to RDU! I just hope it's for FS2004 also

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