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    11 Vp-cyb gcm - cyb

    Hey guys been a long time I did a flight been trying to work on 2 flight sim videos but as well i decided to repaint the TinMouse 737-200 paint, I Attempted Milvis but that paint-kit is set up really dumb so I only got half finish so decided to redo Tinmouse over, all 3 732 are redid, VP-CKX, VP-CYB & VP-CAL and are available for download

    Enjoy all
    Download link will be available tonight.

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    Nice shots Nathan!

    Its been years since Ive flown the classic 737! May just take one for a spin soon!
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    Thanks man, i can upload the tinmouse for you if you're interested, i did for milvis but it's still incomplete unfortunately and so is the CS

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