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Thread: LatinVFR roadmap for 2016

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    1 LatinVFR roadmap for 2016

    Hello fellow pilots!
    thanks so much the support during 2015! we really appreciate. happy holidays!

    As for our plans, we continue to have KRDU in our current work and another team working on LEMD. Madrid Barajas. the order of release will depend on how far each of them will be and these are the two main new products we are scheduled to complete in 2016. We have also planned KPBI and after we finish those we will confirm.

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    I had a look at Latinwings site and I read they are also developing LEMD. So both of you are developing LEMD at the same time? Not that i have a problem with that as options are always good....


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    Latinwings is making LEMD, interesting.... will try to reach out to them to see what's their time frame... will let you know

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    Actually, there is more to this story.there will be some important news from this developer, in the meantime development of LEMD is on hold. Full steam right now with KRDU and KPBI

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    so development is on hold with regards to LatinVFR and LEMD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ywg256 View Post
    so development is on hold with regards to LatinVFR and LEMD?
    It is, thank you for bringing this information here. I was 100% sure no one else was developing LEMD. I guess my information was wrong.

    There should be more information coming along regarding that airport, when it comes out we will decide if we continue or not.

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    no problem!! I woul have suggested LEBL but I have that one by aerosoft and not completely in need of an update yet....How about venturing into Canada with say a proper CYYC, CYEG or CYWG (my home airport as if you couldn't guess!!!). The community would kill I am sure for CYYC. I have all of simaddons' stuff and everything is very much fs2002/2004 in building quality...Hell the Canuk Scenery for FS2004 is way better and that is now a 10 year old scenery.

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    Great thanks, we might in the future develop something for Canada. Right now KRDU would be our first 4 seasons airport. First time we will do winter, fall with all the proper realistic effects.

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    Really looking forward to KRDU, hope it's coming along well. Would you guys consider another 4 season airport after RDU? Cincinnati (KCVG) is a pretty similar sized airport to RDU and it's in need of a new scenery. With a Delta hub and a growing cargo hub, I'm surprised that nobody's made any up to date scenery. I could get pics for it also if you ever decide to do it in the future

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    Hi, yes like KCVG KPIT, etc mid sized airports would be our norm after KPBI, so that's what we are looking at for the future.

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