LatinVFR Miami Int'l Airport KMIA scenery update 3.1
This updated version (3.1) will fix and add some features. You don't need to uninstall in order to run the new installer (3.1). Notes on the update:

1- Runway lights performance fix. This will add the patch to this full installer and fix the issue with huge performance issues with certain systems and the runway lights. This was an issue with those with FSX acceleration and FSX Steam.
2- AFX file fix. This will fix the issue that on certain taxiways there is a performance drop.
3- Lite Texture option. The .exe file "LatinVFR_KMIA_3.1_litetexture" will initiate a setup file that would replace all the 2048X2048 HD textures for 1024X1024. This is intended for those users that have VAS and OOM problems. This will drastically improve memory consumption. This file is located in FS/LatinVFR/Miami_v3/ folder. If you wish to revert to the old HD textures you would have to uninstall and then re-install the scenery from the full installer.
4- Adding more puddle effect around the airport.
Notes on feedback from other users:
1- Customers say: The tunnel can be seen from above ground and a distance. To fix this you MUST have the terrain options as minimum MESH complexity at 82, and MESH resolution at 2 Meters.

2- Customers say: Hold short flash lights are bouncing up and down. We will be looking into perfecting this and when we have a final solution update it.

It should become available in your simmarket download list, PC aviator or if you bought direct site in the 'download' page of KMIA v3.