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    I'm a pilot based in the Palm Beach area. If any info , photos, or testing is needed I'd be glad to help.

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    sure, though we are based in KMIA, we are hoping to get up close and personal with KPBI when we begin development. In any case access to airside areas we wont have then we can contact you. please email us to ricardo(at)

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    Is the KPBI project dead again?? been looking forwar to it for 2 years. I'll help anyway I can.

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    Still no word on a KPBI????

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    Right now we are with LEBL, after that we will assess which would our next project be. KPBI is still on the list, but right now we don't know on which order of priority.

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    OK. But, with Trump becoming president tomorrow I will need to get some photography quickly to assist. as security and photography will be limited even to a pilot like me.

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