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Thread: Downsizing?

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    I've seen FlyCay grow tremendously over the years. The staff has expanded the airline to meet the rising number of active pilots. However as of late, it seems that we've stagnated a bit. I don't see a lot of activity on, say, the forums or on Teamspeak. And I've yet to see another FlyCay pilot online at all (at least when I'm on, which is quite often :P) It seems that our presence is not as great as it once used to be and that our focus has shifted from what airline we really represent.

    My suggestion is to close down some of the other airlines we have, like EuroCay, CaribCay, and/or AmeriCay, and strengthen our core brand, Cayman Airways. Focus on improving the airline, ramping up public relations, and getting some events together. Reduce the KX fleet to the 733, DHC6, and SF34. Flights currently served by these brands could always be chartered out.

    It's easy for the regulars to say that these routes are used often, but unfortunately it's the new pilot that we need to accommodate for. I joined back in the day because FlyCay was different, it was fun, and it was full of a bunch of guys who love to fly. But now, with the lack of participation and activity from our members and literally the globalization of our franchise, I don't see the individuality or the uniqueness that seduced me. We've entered into a market (that includes other international brands such as DeltaVA, American Virtual, etc.) that we're not big enough for.

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    Due to a technical issue on the website (i c"cked it up!) we had to reset the pages and forum back 24 hours, therefore all the responses were sadly lost.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.
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    Well, as it was stated in the - now lost -replies I suppose that the main reason is the real life outside CAY-VA.
    Personally I love the option of flying routes in Europe in addition to the Caribbean, but one way or the other (keeping it as it is or downsize) I would continue the way I usually fly: sometimes it is even challenging to the the one flight per month, sometimes there are several flights, depending on job, familiy and other demands which, of course, will always get the priority. But I think ours is a phantastic VA and - one way or the other, I would not consider leaving.
    Finally, I think we always have to keep in mind that we are a VIRTUAL airline which allows for some creative freedom. I cannot imagine that a big fleet or global routes will keep anyone from flying - on the contrary.
    So, I think it is great to have the choice of global routes and a wide variety of aircraft (although I only fly the DHC6 and B733 for the time being). Personally, I would not change anything in that regard. But that's just my opinion.

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    Personally, alot of pilots that are with flycay is from around the world and they love that they can either fly in america to other countries or even Europe and Caribbean and most VA like that usually gain recognition. To my opinion as CAY102- Jon said in his comment (before website problem) a lot of people have their own personal life to tend to daily, we do try to meet up and fly but you know, life doesn't make us have our way sometimes, but on saying that, i am willing to play a part to bring this VA back to life in all 4 divisions because more life makes people want to join and who knows, flycay may just blow up with applications so i say we leave the divisions open that not only Cayman Airways get flown but AmeriCay, CaribCay & EuroCay get flown alot as well.

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