Here are shots of my Express fever i caught the other day, i will say i will choose to fly a prop plane over any jet turbine anyday, it's just so peaceful and feel more in control.

Outbound from GCM to LYB in CXA


Tourist de-boarded and scuba gear out the cargo hold.

Onwards to CYB

"Cleared to land rwy09 Cayman Express"


Vacated the Active.

Pax off and my partner went to grab a pattie and fruit punch since we were a bit hungry and have a 40 min flight back to the Big Island.

Beautiful eh? The Famous Brac Reef Resort at the bottom.

See you later Brac & Little, will see you two after lunch time!

On the left downwind pattern for rwy08 GCM

On final for 08.

And another shot of the shutting down procedure before the aircraft get's towed back to the hangar for a rest so she's ready after lunch time for Evening Ops.

That is it for now, will be back with more, stay tune this week for more shots

Take Care