Shalom and greetings all my pals,

Presenting a nice flight with very very very rare Eastern livery from KTUS Tucson International Airport located 8 miles south of downtown Tucson, Arizona to KSAN San Diego International Airport located 3 miles northwest of downtown San Diego, California.

Taxiing to short of runway 29R

Entering into runway 29R for take off

Airborne on climb to FL300 with background view of Mount Kimball

Still climbing with background view of Saquaro National Park

Still climbing climbing with background view of Dove Mountain resort area

Nice sunrise but weird purplish sky

Now cruising at FL300

Cruising across desert

Look how nice sunrise shines on desert

KSAN is so busy that I had to circle twice above nice city of San Diego

On final runway approach with background view of Petco Park stadium the home of San Diego Padres

The runway approach to KSAN San Diego international airport is very exciting and dangerous especially the approach from the east is steep, necessitated by terrain which drops from 266 ft (81 m) to sea level in less than one nautical mile. Aircraft normally descend at 318 feet per nautical mile (52.3 m/km) per nautical mile. Due to terrain in San Diego and to avoid hitting the five story high famous garage building in front of runway 27, they must descend at 331 ft/nmi (54.5 m/km), exceeding the FAA standard

Seconds before touchdown


Front landing gear gliding down smoothly and softly in most graceful manner

Front wheels making ground contact

Exiting from runway to taxiway to gate

Arrived at gate

Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight.