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Thread: LatinVFR releases Raleigh Durham KRDU for FSX and P3d

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    LatinVFR releases Raleigh Durham KRDU for FSX and P3d

    After many years releasing sceneries, finally something different. This one does not have a sole palm tree. KRDU has been in the works for many months now and we have finally released! hope all enjoy this latest work from us!

    • Raleigh Durham Int'l Airport modeled with significant attention to detail.
    • Texturing in HD mapping for all buildings, shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all buildings.
    • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures.
    • Surroundings extremely detailed with dozens of customized buildings.
    • 5 square miles of photo scenery with hundreds of hand placed autogen.
    • Custom animated (CTRL+J) jetway.
    • Static aircraft.
    • Fully AI traffic compatible.
    • Optimized for excellent performance.
    • Excellent night effects.
    • Inclusion of manual in PDF format.
    • Much more

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    Great news Ricardo. Will go take a look.


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    For some reason I had no idea this was coming. Great stuff!

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    A small patch, to fix some small bugs, and adding a few missing elements.

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    Hi guys.. Thanks for RDU. It was a pleasure to delete my other RDU scenery and replace it.

    Small oversight .. Gate C21 needs C21, C21A, and C21B. C21A is in there twice.

    Real World:


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    thanks for this, will fix for the future update!

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    Thanks Ricardo another wonderful quality airport. Looking forward to many more airports. Hopefully you will venture out west and give us a great boise airport we are in need of that one for sure. Thanks again and wonderful work on KRDU. I also wanted to mention Ricardo that while other developers are working on things for years a special thanks to you for creating wonderful airports that I thought would never have been done,but thanks to your ability to understand the needs of the flight sim community is pretty awesome. Thanks again.
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    Not wanting to be that guy, but I will be that guy. Will there be a FS9 version released?

    Sorry for being that guy.

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    Thanks so much for your comments. I can't see any more FS9 versions, the complexity of certain elements and then converting them and making them work stable in FS9 its what takes us away from doing that. Plus, the last time we did FS9, we actually did not see any significant amount of customers to merit the extra work.

    Guess what, FSX Steam and P3dv3 are such amazing platforms, you wouldn't want to go back...

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    Thanks, RDU is my home airport. I guess it's finally time to hang up the ol' FS9 hat. She had a good run. 13 years.

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