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Thread: Thank You Latin VFR

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    10 Thank You Latin VFR

    I just wanted to write a Short essay on Latin VFR. I will say by far I love what you guys are doing. The sceneries you guys put out are remarkable and not only do you guys do it right you have good customer support. I have bought at least five scenes from you guys and love each and every one of them and plan to buy everything you put out little by little. I do not understand why you guys can fix an issue quickly while others developers can not. I will be a very strong supporter of Latin VFR for as long as I live. As of recently I was banned from a scenery developer because I needed help wit their scenery instead of helping me he refunded my money and said I could no longer purchase from them again I was shocked but I know who really cares about their customers is that is Latin VFR. Any way Latin VFR will always be my first choice in scenery by far I have always been treated with respect from you guys and that's what it's all about. I hope that you guys will put out in the future some good Canadian airports amongst some airports out west again. Thank you again and look forward to more beautiful airports. Again this just proves that Latin VFR is the best out there in my book.

    Edwin Rivera

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    Thank you Edwin for your praise. And we hope to continue producing scenery of your liking in the near future!

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    RICARDO, Please SVMI P3D V3.

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