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Thread: Scenry Flickering Raleigh Durham Airport

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    Scenry Flickering Raleigh Durham Airport

    Hi Ricardo.

    As I hit 2500 feet in the air I notice that Their is flickering below runways, Aprons Etc. I recently had to reinstall this from Simmarket due to a hard drive crash had to put in new hard drive in system. I did not notice this issue in my last install before now I am noticing it. I am also running REX and GEX V2 from flight 1.

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    which fs version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricardo_LatinVFR View Post
    which fs version?
    I Have FSX

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    you said it did not happen before. Do you have the scenery display settings exactly the same as before? check that you do, such as terrain mesh complexity etc.

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