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Thread: LatinVFR announces LEBL Barcelona El prat for FSX and P3d

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    LatinVFR announces LEBL Barcelona El prat for FSX and P3d

    We are excited to announce our first airport in Europe. Barcelona's El Prat airport LEBL.

    Jon has posted the first previews on the previews forum but I will also copy them here (thanks Jon):

    These are P3d shots and since P3d is the future we have already began doing native P3d ground, this way we are eliminating the FS8 code completely on all future P3D versions of our sceneries. With the native ground we can take advantage of the material (texture) options which were not available with the FS8 code. Now with specular, bump and reflection maps on all ground polys, runways, taxiways, aprons.

    This is as we said our first scenery for Europe and we hope to have it for you in the coming months.

    This is Work in progress showing only the ground and the tentative coverage area, we will like to cover the approach areas. In the coming weeks we should show more.

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    Definitely a must have buy

    Walter Almaraz Roca

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    This is fantastic. Great news, guys. Also good to hear about the native P3D ground poly as well. Should perform better too!

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    Yes, we could had hoped that we could not use FS8 code on FSX. but its impossible.

    P3d will get native P3d elements.. so performance there will be great. We hope to apply the p3d native on some of our older products as well when we update them. (KMIA, KSAN, KSNA etc)

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    Excellent news Ricardo!!! Looking forward to LEBL!

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    Jon Posted some more preview shots in the previews forum:!

    thanks Jon!

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    It has come to our attention that another developer (unannounced) was also working on LEBL. Though we searched and scoured in the community to find out if anyone is working or was planning LEBL it was till they said that they will release their version in the coming days that we know. We are nonetheless committed into releasing an excellent product and we are in no rush to quickly release our version of LEBL.

    In the coming days after their version of LEBL is released we will provide you with detailed list of what we are working on and you will have the option to chose between products so you can compare.

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    I will continue to support LatinVFR and this one will be no different. I have the older SimWings one but will not be supporting Justsim. All they want to do is pump out quick sceneries with no attention to detail. You can see it in their releases and I have not bought a single one of their sceneries and never will. I will be buying the LatinVFR version of LEBL. Look forward to this release. Looking great so far.

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