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Thread: KNEW - New Orleans Lake Front

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    KNEW - New Orleans Lake Front

    Hi Folks,

    Long time fan - just picked up a bunch of your airports recently (TJSJ, KRDU, KRSW) - excellent job on all accounts - thanks...

    I'm sure your plate is full - just wanted to drop a bug in your ear - on the chance it happens to inspire you...

    This is probably one of the most memorable real life approaches I've ever flown (I'm from NY so it's not like it's just a local favorite for me) - seems right up your alley due to the proximity of water - makes for a real nice biz jet or turbo prop hop to your heartland in FL...

    Keep up the good work - really enjoy your airports...


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    Nice, thanks for the suggestion. If we were going to New Orleans we would instead do the main one. Anyways thanks for the suggestions...

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    Gotta say that,s quite a beautiful airport

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