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    Recently started back into flying FSX and have purchased MKJS and KEYW scenery which are quite good.

    In the case of MKJS I found out that I need to buy another program, AES, to get the jetways to move.

    Is this true for other scenery like KMIA, MKJP and TSJU?


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    In the early days we developed those sceneries the CTRL+J wasn't too popular. People liked and relied (and still do) on AES.

    For now and we hope to expand the only airports with CTRL+J jetways are KMIAv3, KSNA, KRSW and KRDU.

    We are adding SODE for LEBL, and perhaps with the others in the future. So people will have 3 options, SODE, CTRL+J and AES for jetways. And of course static also.

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    Thanks for the explanation...


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