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Thread: KX973 Toronto - Grand Cayman 737-800

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    4 KX973 Toronto - Grand Cayman 737-800

    Hey guys,

    Been a while, thought i would break the silence with my shots from yesterday flight from Toronto to GCM

    At the Gate

    TakeOff Roll


    In between Tampa and Orlando

    Turning Final for rwy08

    Would you look at that Blue

    Backtracking to vacate the runway

    And here we are

    You could say Passengers were basically over eager to clear immigration and customs to get out the airport and head out for snorkeling in the warm waters Luggage were still being taken off

    See you all later
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    That first picture surprised me, looks pretty realistic. Toronto is a big airport full of heavies from all over the world.

    Nice pics overall. I would hit ALT to remove that menu bar if that's possible.

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    Thanks Pierre and yeah I sometimes forget to take out the Menu Bar, good to see you back buddy!

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