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Thread: CAY repaint for PMDG Jetstream 41

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    CAY repaint for PMDG Jetstream 41

    Dear all,
    has anyone by chance done or at least started a CAY repaint for the PMDG J41 and would be willing to share it ?
    I'd love to fly the J41 in CAY livery but have no idea and experience in repainting.

    In advance thanks a lot,

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    Hi everyone,
    in case you have not yet seen this post - any idea where one could find a PMDG J41 CAY repaint ?
    On one of the screenshots for the MWCR scenery from RWY26 there seems to be a CAY J41, but they seem to be unreachable by eMail.
    So, any suggestion is highly welcome.


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