Hello gents!

We have become aware of release of KSAN from another developer. We must congratulate them on their release.

We have for the past months received many requests on KSAN and an update, we certainly have told privately to our customers that we will update KSAN on 2017. Then we saw that KSAN was to be released by the other developer, and we put it on hold till they had released and see if its worth pursuing an update from our version. And we still do, we have thousands of customers and I believe they deserve an update from us by the end of 2017, a state of the art KSAN updated. We released KSAN in 2013 and last year we thought it was too soon (3 years) to update it but by the end of 2017 it would have been 4. So we are still on track for that.

We are finishing LEBL which we should in the coming days update you all, and after that another project and then releasing the update of KSAN by the end of this year.

thank you!