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Thread: Constructive opinion on KSAN

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    Constructive opinion on KSAN

    I congratulate the other vendor on their release of KSAN. Having the LatinVFR version since inception, I was curious to ask those who've already purchased or switched to the other developers version, what has been their first impression. From what I've heard and seen so far, it looks like they have done a pretty good job in blending the San Diego area with the rest of their SOCAL products. In my opinion, I think that is the only leg up they have so far on LatinVFR version. My CPU is due for an upgrade, but I've talked to folks who have better CPU than mine, and they seem to be struggling with the other developer's version, which is something I'm not having to deal with my old CPU, and LatinVFR. The sharpness and detail of the LatinVFR airport as you land on runway 27 is much better in my opinion. LatinVFR KSAN has aged gracefully, and is still going strong. I own most of the LatinVFR products, and as for me, I don't see myself switching vendors when it comes to KSAN. I rather wait and see what the upgrade has in stored later this year, and my only wish is that something be done to improve the hill side approach on to runway 27, rather than just eliminating all the autogen buildings to avoid elevation issues. I hope I haven't offended anyone, I have great respect for all developers who have the skills to do what they do. My comments are only posted to suggest improvement on products.

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    one of the main points of the upgrade/update is the importance on the hill before runway 27. We will look into downtown and modeling all of it, since that's also being offered with the other release.

    Aside from many other major fixes/additions that's the plan.

    I would only be honest to say that had we not planned on doing something better we wouldn't have thought of updating KSAN. From my observations I still believe that we had on plan was worth doing compared to what recently was released.

    So its not only imperative for us to re-visit KSAN but I believe that the FS community deserves excellent renditions of KSAN, be that ours or any other developers.

    Not that I would disparage any other works, when we released KSAN there were already good versions such as Flytampa's and Davinci, we thought back then there was room for a more detailed version, same thing we believe today.

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    I am very happy with the one I have. I have been a supporter for Latinvfr for a while now and own almost all the sceneries they have released. Ricardo, with all the customers with your product, I agree with an update as you mentioned on your other post.


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