NO need to uninstall previous version for installing update to 1.2

Based on feedback we were able to revisit the following for version 1.2
1- Further optimized many scenery elements. Thanks to a very friendly customer Rafal Haczek, we were able to tackle VAS issues that some customers had with our LEBL. On approach an OOM would happen or the alert of an impending OOM would occur with some systems on version 1.1 or earlier. We applied different levels of detail on distance for certain scenery elements, that way a successful landing and end of flight should be accomplished using other complex and memory intensive add-ons.

2- SODE jetways docking issues. Fixed issues by which some jetways were docking higher to the aircraft's door, and also the issue by which some aircraft weren't able to activate the SODE jetway because of being too far to the doors.

3- During release of this product, it coincided with the removal of the temporary control tower that was next to terminal 1. We have removed this tower now.

4- The "breitling" markings on the control tower next to the parking lots of terminal one were removed to be as how it's actually in real present time.

5- The uninstaller was referring to Raleigh Durham and Miami, now its Barcelona.

6- With the scenery configurator if you did not select the photo scenery for the city and surroundings, now its fixed so that it can be removed completely.

7- added some missing taxiway signage for arriving aircraft runway 25R/07L.

8- among other small fixes, additions

This will be under 'downloads' on the webshop where you purchased LEBL scenery.