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    Hello Folks, P3dv4 is released so we wanted to give an update.

    Like I mentioned, all of LatinVFR Prepar 3d v2-v3 scenery is automatically compatible with P3dv4.

    We are working on the installers so that they can automatically install into P3dv4, and after the necessary testing we should be able to release, that should come in the coming weeks for the titles which are P3dv2-v3 compatible such as:

    LEBL, KMIA v3, TJSJ, KSNA, KSAN, KRDU, KRSW, KEYWv2, MHRO, SLVR they work without issues if you manually add to the scenery library the scenery files that are installed in the P3dv2- v3. Just open the scenery library and browse for the files which are supposed to be installed in the p3d/latinvfr folder

    let us know
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