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Thread: WARNING - POSSIBLE LEBL 1.3 Problem

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    I received notice of the LEBL update to 1.3 from SimMarket. Upon installing to P3Dv4 I find my scenery.cfg destroyed with no backup. It went from 53kb in size down to 1 kb, and, attempting to view in text viewer it now displays gibberish. P3Dv4 will not start, indicates I need to do a full reinstall. Prior to this (immediately before) it was running fine.

    Perhaps something unique to my system, but, not good.

    Joe L.

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    Yes, we apologize for that, we will have to pull the installers till further notice and we get this sorted. My apologies.
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    from another forum,

    "for now users affected can only remove the scenery.cfg file located in ( %programdata\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 ) which will result in an original file being restored. "

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    This has been corrected yesteday June 9th on Simmarket and the other shops.

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