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Thread: TJSj at night (P3Dv4)

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    TJSj at night (P3Dv4)

    Hello team LatinVFR!

    I installed the updated TJSJ scenery from SimMarket into P3Dv4 and I wanted to ask you if it's OK for the scenery to display like this at night time:

    The taxiways, apron, hangar and and Runway 10 (08 is fine) seem to bright. I have installed ORBX FTX Global, AS16+ASCA and PMDG 747-400 QOTS II. Other than that, it's a pretty vanilla install.
    Thanks for your help!
    Enrique Vaamonde
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    Looks like it's missing some sort of alpha channel file.

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    This can be that you have LIGHT BLOOM on
    or your HDR settings. can you send me your HDR settings so I can try and replicate?

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    Hello Ricardo, thanks for your answer. Here are the settings I'm using. Let me know if there's something I have to change on my end. Thank you!
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    the HDR lighting makes it a bit brighter than what it is intended, but nonetheless if you send us an email to support(at) we can work it out with you to have this better.let us know

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    Will do. Thank you, Ricardo.


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