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Thread: Around the world in 80 days

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    Around the world in 80 days

    Dear all,

    although it is not really based on our route network, it might be fun to participate in an "Around the world in 80 days" tour. The routing adheres to Jules Verne's famous book.
    For more info: check

    Routing has to be fixed and aircraft selected by Oct 1st, the tour will take place from Oct 2nd until almost Xmas.
    You can either participate as single pilot or as a team of 2 pilots.


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    Our thread is here:

    By the way: the Nice, France (LFMN) position is somehow incorrect in SmartCARS, both in P3DV3 and in the Aerosoft payware scenery. I don't know whom to contact, but in order to be able to fly into and out of LFMN with SmartCARS that should to be updated as it is a destination in our EuroCAY route network.


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