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Thread: SPIM in P3D v4 works

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    SPIM in P3D v4 works

    For whatever it is worth to people here, I was purely out of curiosity wondering if SPIM for FSX works in SPIM. The answer is YES!! All I had to do was simply run the FTX Vector auto configurator for elevation corrections and boom! it is there in all of it's glory. So for those who need SPIM for P3D v4 you have it! just use the FSX version and you are good to go. no issue with AI parking spots etc.....f*^king awesome!!. I am going to try others as there are a few I absolutely love from LatinVFR that are quite old such as TTCP which is probably my favorite LatinVFR scenery to date.

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    Glad to hear someone happy with our scenery, but this is not an official solution for compatibility to P3dv4. In any case thanks for giving users tips on solutions. Expect this year official P3dv4 versions of our other scenery coming out.

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    yes, this is a great solution for the short term and of course the scenery seems to not send/receive shadows I have noticed but no big deal...the darn scenery works is all I care about.

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    Awesome, I will give that a try as well. I haven't gotten around to test them all, but thank you for letting us know.


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